The first Cross-Chain
NFT Marketplace

Cross-chain and cross project NFT Marketplace that supports any blockchain with smart contracts and NFT capabilities.

Integrated with Phantasma Chain/Neo N3/Binance Smart Chain/Polygon and Avalanche.
Whitelabel solution allowing creators to deploy their own Marketplace easily.
Full APIs available (and SDK in the works) for developers/tools/wallets to connect and consume.

Already integrated with

In the works

We built GhostMarket
for people like you.

Our goal is to allow end users, whether artists/collectors or big brands to interact with any blockchain with an NFT Standard and Smart Contract capabilities, all from one single place. This offers a unique way to create, and trade NFTs on the platform.

NFT Explorer & NFT Trading

Start exploring and discovering new and powerful collectibles on all blockchains we support. We act as an NFT explorer while also offering traditional features which you would expect on any e-commerce platform, such as shopping & selling carts to buy/sell in bulk - facilitating platform usage and growth.

NFT Minting & Auctions

We offer full minting capabilities on all blockchains we support (all NFT standards, like ERC1155/ERC721), as well as a full NFT trading experience, whether minted on GhostMarket or on any other marketplace. Sell your collectibles either through a fixed-price listing or as auctions (English/Dutch).

Our Goals

We’re aiming to become the one stop shop for everything NFT related, while being blockchain agnostic. Whether you are an artist, a collector, a big brand or a video game studio, we have a solution and a personalized experience to make your NFTs known to the world, as well as finding and trading them in a seamless manner.


High level overview of what's been achieved and what's coming.

Q4 2020Founded
Q4 2020Phantasma Minting & Trading
Q1 2021NEO2 Partial Integration
Q1 2021Auction Capabilities Added
Q1 2021Integration Into
Q2 2021BSC Minting & Trading
Q3 2021GhostMarket V2
Q3 2021Polygon Minting & Trading
Q3 2021Neo N3 Minting & Trading
Q4 2021Avalanche Minting & Trading
Q4 2021Cross-Chain User Profiles
Q4 2021Cross-Chain Governance Token Introduction
Q1 2022Full SDK Release
Q1 2022New Blockchain Integration to be Unveiled
Q1 2022NFT Swaps Between Blockchains
Q1 2022New Blockchain Integration to be Unveiled
Q1 2022Integration with Virtual Galleries
Q1 2022Mobile Application

Our Team

We started as a group of 4 friends, which has now expanded into 10 people working on the platform, all very experienced with NFT technology and each with their own specialty.

Vincent Geneste
Network Architect
Smart Contracts & Front-End
Mathias Enzensberger
Senior Software Developer
Smart Contracts & Back-End
Alex Paukonen
Senior Software Developer
Back-End, APIs & SDK
Pau Vivancos
Senior Software Developer
Wallets, API & Front-End
Pascal Kelbing
Software Developer
Back-End, APIs & SDK
Ryan Jauregui
Software Developer
Back-End, APIs & SDK
Michelle Peterson Clark
Head of Marketing
Marketing Specialist
Campaign & Communications
James Suchorski
Community Manager
Community Specialist
Social Media & User Support


Julien Bouteloup
Senior Software Engineer
Founder & CEO Stake Capital
Jonathan Quali
Business Manager &


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