Introducing GhostMarket
Cross-Chain Governance Token

$GM is our cross-chain governance token, powering the platform and living on all the blockchains integrated with GhostMarket.

It will be used as a weekly rewarding option for all collectors and artists on the platform based on their activity.

On top of that, further use cases to be launched include: voting rights, access to exclusive drops, reduction of trading fees and more!

Public Sale / IDO starts in


Token Details

$GM supply will have a max of 100M, and will have its supply shared amongst all the blockchains integrated. To facilitate this, GhostMarket powers an  in-house swap bridge  to swap from/to all blockchains supported.

Token Symbol
Token Supply

Sales Round

Strategic 100% Completed 1,120,000$
Private 100% Completed 900,000$
Public/IDO 100% Completed 260,000$

IDO Details

$GM was launched through an IDO on  Flamingo Finance  where 2M $GM tokens have been sold. Read all the details related to the IDO in our  announcement article.

Registration Date
January 10
Pre Sale Date
January 14
Public Sale Date
January 16

Token Allocation

Team & Advisors15,000,000 (15%) 
1 year cliff / 2 years release
Public/IDO2,000,000 (2%) 
Unlock on public sale
Strategic Round16,000,000 (16%) 
5% on public sale, then release over 12 months
Liquidity1,300,000 (1.3%) 
Unlock on public sale
Private9,000,000 (9%) 
5% on public sale, then release over 9 months
Reserve6,700,000 (6.7%) 
Monthly release over 1 year
Marketplace Incentives50,000,000 (50%) 
Monthly release over 7 years

Token Utility

Prioritized ServicesBe verified and promote your profile by paying a small fee.
NFT PromotionPromote your NFT in special sections and categories.
Bounties ProgramBounties for community moderations such as copyright infringements.
NFT Token HoldingsAccess to drops of NFT from selected artists based on token holdings.
Adding Quote PairsPay an amount to allow adding a specific token of your choice to be traded.
Trading Fees ReductionReduction of trading fees on GhostMarket if you own a specific amount of tokens.